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At The Rug Story, our collection of bespoke rugs is simple, but our offer of choice allows the mind to wander.

Six rug designs of cut and loop texture, five different yarn compositions, and 292 colour options.

The rug design starts as one colour, but now the adventure begins.

Why not add another colour or three?

How about mixing the rug yarns?

Don’t want the loop? Choose from a simple cut pile.

Where will the options end?

Realise your bespoke rug design with a CAD drawing or order a rug sample and feel the quality whilst visualising the rug in the finished room.


And so the story goes on... a pile of discovery, a cut above, a loop around,

a tuft of life.


The Rug Story is an Accredited Partner of The Society of British Interior Designers (SBID.)

The SBID is the leading British professional member organisation for interior designers.

The SBID Accreditation reflects The Rug Story's code of practice and reassures interior designers that the company has demonstrated the high standards required to become accredited.

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As a child, you couldn’t move in my living room. There were fabric, pins and threads all strewn over the floor. Mum was an excellent curtain maker, but she trained as a seamstress (great for when I had holes in my footy kit after throwing myself around a field!)

“You do what you want to do.”

These were the words she spoke to me one day when I came home from school.


Fabric stretched across the floor; this was home for me and it's where my love of textiles began. The world of style, quality, texture and colour became my world and my appreciation of textiles grew amidst the chaos of my mums sewing room.


One day, as a young adult, I was in a friend’s showroom and in walked a gentleman showing fabric samples. Captivated by his stories, we talked for a long while and I ended up getting my first job that day, covering the Northern Home Counties.

I learnt about fabric printing and weaving, wallpaper printing and even lace and madras manufacturing. Gosh, that was noisy!

Over the years I travelled the country and Europe. Mum was proud but green with envy when I called and teased her about where I was. Driving into Edinburgh one day, I rang seven times, each time telling her "listen, the music is getting louder". I was opposite Edinburgh Castle and when I opened the window I said, “listen to this.” The Bagpipes were playing a beautiful tune.


I can’t remember what she said but I know she loved it. Especially when I came home one New Year and Princes Street was awash with the sound of the pipes.


She was always supportive of me and was always there to run me around to my football matches. One time, she took me to Tottenham Hotspur for training and I remember she parked the car behind Park Lane stand, under a streetlight, with the doors locked making curtains in the car. Now, that’s what I call dedicated.


But it wasn’t just the fact that mum was making curtains whenever she could, it was her passion for flowers and the garden. You wouldn’t believe the size of some of the roses, lily’s and orchids she grew. It’s why our original collection of rugs are named after George Delbard's French roses.

I came home from playing golf one day to find her in the garden, sitting at her special round table, cup of tea in hand, looking at her creations. What a smile she had.

From then on, I found a passion for beautiful things. I became involved from the start of my work projects, to concept, through to finish. I never looked back, selling top-quality products all over the world. But, after so long on the road, I decided I needed a change hence; The Rug Story was born.


For me, The Rug Story is a simple yet versatile bespoke brand that believes in quality craftsmanship. Always remembering my inspiration, where it came from and ensuring I honour my beloved mum by always doing what I "want to do!" 

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